April 21, 2014

Austin CD Mix, Bodyweight Ab Workout and His Name is John Cena

by Freccero
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Damn. I can’t believe I’m writing this sentence this early, but Austin is almost over (what?!). Austin was an amazing time and I will be posting a full re-cap within the next wee. While I was here, especially because I was at a gym a decent amount of the time, I got back in touch with my Rock roots.┬áBesides Electronic, Rock is my favorite genre of music and I heard so many songs I hadn’t heard in years (plus a couple new ones). Since I decided to make a CD Mix every month for each area I’m at (for when I’m driving), here is my playlist that I just burned onto a CD from music inspired by┬ábeing in Austin:

Track List

Song Artist External Link
House of the Rising Sun Five Finger Death Punch Amazon
Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix) Pretty Lights Amazon
Indestructible Disturbed Amazon
Inside the Fire Disturbed Amazon
How Low (Them Lost Boys Remix) Ludacris Soundcloud
Gangster's Paradise Like a Storm Amazon
Becoming Insane Infected Mushroom Amazon
Hallelujah Jeff Gutt YouTube
Kyoto Skrillex Amazon
Ich Will Rammstein Amazon
Muse Breaks Infected Mushroom Amazon
Strib Nicht Vor Mir Rammstein Amazon
Radioactive Within Temptation Amazon
Firestarter Rob Gasser Bandcamp
Unison Porter Robinson Amazon
Shakawkaw (Vibe Tribe Remix) Infected Mushroom Amazon

Roughly 2 years ago I made a Bodyweight Workout Video for Arms and it became pretty popular on YouTube so since I was in a gym most of the time I decided to make another Bodyweight Workout Video for Abs. Here it is:

And lastly, no joke when I say this is the funniest video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. It’s a recording from the ZMorningZoo radio show where they prank call people, and this time they pretend to be from the WWE advertising a new Pay-Per-View event. Check it out:

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