March 3, 2015

The Light Nearby

After the craziest year of my life, The Light Nearby is finally completed! Each song musically represents the 10 cities I went to, along with one bonus track. You can download the album on iTunes or Amazon here: iTunes Link or Amazon Link.

1. GPS

GPS is a bonus track that combines all the elements, from each city, into one track. In combination with the musical elements I had a GPS voice stating major streets from each of the 10 cities I visited. Considering I drove 25,000 miles throughout The Light Nearby Project I heard this voice a lot (maybe a little too much). Here are the cities and major streets mentioned:
Boston, MA – Newbury Street
Miami, FL – Calle Ocho
Austin, TX – 6th Street
Las Vegas, NV – South Las Vegas Boulevard
Boulder, CO – Pearl Street
San Francisco, CA – Lombard Street
Portland, OR – West Burnside Street
Chicago, IL – Magnificent Mile
Columbus, OH – High Street
New York, NY – 5th Avenue

2. Boston, MA | Hot Damn Baby | Complextro

Boston has a very unique environment where it’s very peaceful during the day but completely crazy at night. Therefore, I decided to make the verses very calm and trancey to mimic that peaceful vibe. However, since Boston got ranked the drunkest city in America two years in a row, I made a bass-heavy complextro drop to represent the craziness (aka drunkenness) of the city at night. Right before the drop is the lyrics “Hot Damn Baby I Like Brown Whiskey!” which was a sample I recorded from some homeless person screaming at the MBTA (the public transportation in Boston). I even got a video of me recording the sample, which you can view here: Hot Damn Baby.


3. Miami, FL | Dale | Melbourne Bounce

There is no question what the Miami track would sound like. With Miami always being non-stop and having the biggest EDM festival in the world, the track had to be a pumping club song with upbeat, bouncing synths. I decided to call the track “Dale” because it’s best word to represent Miami as a whole – there isn’t a word for Dale in English, but the best way to describe it is “go get it.”


4. Austin, TX | 6th Street | Dubstep

The slogan of Austin is “Keep Austin Weird” and that’s what I made for this track. The verses are a combination of ambient and psychedelic synths to mimic the weirdness of Austin, which quickly changes on the drop. In Austin there’s a street called 6th Street which has an insane amount of bars & clubs, and every weekend the cops block off the street because thousands and thousands of college students come to rage there. To properly recreate that environment, I made an intense dubstep drop to showcase the insanity that happens on 6th Street.


5. Las Vegas, NV | ID | Electro House

Vegas is…Vegas. There’s nothing like it. With the insane club scene there, and arguably the biggest spot for EDM in the world, the Vegas track is a bumping electro house banger. Right before the drop is the words “WHAT THE F#$@,” except F#$@ is replaced by a Pryda Snare because the amount of Pyrda Snares heard in Vegas is astounding. I decided to call this track ID because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (for those who don’t know, when a tracklist is released for a DJ Mix, any track that is unreleased/unknown is labeled ID).


6. Boulder, CO | Escalate | Glitch Hop

Boulder is an extremely peaceful town with some of the most beautiful nature around. To emulate that, the song starts off with a Soundscape/New Age feel and then builds to a hip hop/glitch hop groove. The fitness scene is huge in Boulder, so the hip hop/glitch hop section is representative of how energetic and active everyone is. Right before the switch up is vocal “Let’s Get High,” which represents both the vast mountain scapes and legalization of Marijuana.


7. San Francisco, CA | Liquify | Chillstep

San Francisco is very chill for a city environment, which is unique for that type of demographic. In addition, it has the craziest fog that is so popular it even has its own name – Karl. To represent both the chillness of San Francisco and the intricate Fog, I called the song Liquify and made it a combination of chill hip hop and chillstep. The song has hip hop/soundscape melodies in the verses and then a heavier, yet slow, dubstep groove in the drops.


8. Portland, OR | Dream | Psychedelic

Portland has the most creative city landscape, intertwining city/human made elements with nature. As a result of the incredible scenery, I called the song Dream because of the non-conventional layout. The song is a psychedelic track that mimics the stages and feeling of dreaming to further represent Portland. It starts out with a unique, trippy arrangement and then shifts into psychedelic/progressive groove that moves through various stages.


9. Chicago, IL | Light It Up | House

Chicago is an amazing city that combines numerous elements from other cities and towns. Interesting enough, the lighting in Chicago is very vibrant and fluorescent, hence the track name Light It Up. In addition to the lighting, the people in Chicago are very welcoming and optimistic, which is represented by the warm nature of this track. The sound elements in this track further add the the house vibe that really represents Chicago.


10. Columbus, OH | Day Drink | Trap

Columbus has a very paradoxical vibe: The most calm ragers in the country. People in Columbus party like crazy, hence the name Day Drink, and yet they are very calm and collected. To represent both elements of Columbus I made a bass-heavy trap/hip hop song with a calm, upbeat groove. The song is both chill and raging, moving through different elements and stages to showcase Columbus’s diversity.


11. New York, NY | Dirty Grind | Jazzstep

The city that never sleeps is really the city that never sleeps. With numerous 24 hour stores, the MTA (New York’s Public Transportation) running every minute, and an insane club scene, New York is truly non-stop. To accurately demonstrate the fast paced environment of New York the track has very little breaks and is constantly moving from one section to the next. In addition, with New York being one of the biggest hubs for media, the song has jazzy elements fused with gritty, grooving synths to fully demonstrate the environment.

January 24, 2015

New Site!

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Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me on my journey last year. The album has been nearing the end of the production stage, so it will be released in a couple months!

Because I mostly used this site for my journey, I just created my new site that I will be using from now on. It’s, and I will be posting on there from now on. All my music, adventures, videos, pictures, and more, will all be posted there.

Nonetheless, the last post on this site will be the release of the album, so that makes this the penultimate post! Thanks to everyone who followed me here, and now follow me @

January 1, 2015

Final Track List & GPS

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Happy New Year everyone! 2015 is going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait for all the incredible events that are going to happen. I’ve been working hard on touching up every track to make it perfect, and in addition I made the final track, GPS.

When traveling around, I produced numerous different styles of music. The bittersweet aspect was that I learned how to produce a lot of different types of music I normally wouldn’t have, but I was also limited. There were numerous times where I would create a cool melody or synth but couldn’t use it, because it didn’t that city’s aspect or vibe.

What I decided to do was make one bonus track, combining a bunch of elements from each city. Here’s a brief, 15 second clip of the bonus track:

After the addition of GPS, here is the complete track list!


Last night I DJ’ed a crazy New Years Eve party which was a perfect time being with friends. The next morning I ended up helping my friends clean up and they were trying to set up a Swiffer and it was pretty unsuccessful…

December 28, 2014

Buckmas, Better Vibes and EDM

I hope everyone had a good Christmas aka Buckmas, for me it was good re-connecting with family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time. One amazing topic that got brought up in my family is how my brother and his friends started a music event company called Better Vibes.

The VERY creative thing about their company is that they donate some of the profits for each show to a different charity. Now most companies might donate $0.50 or $1 per ticket sold, but they are donating $5 per ticket – that’s FIVE TIMES the amount of most companies. Their first show is on January 18th in Boston in Brighton Music Hall – come check it out, rage to good music, and support the community at the same time! Here is the link to the event:


About a week ago, the site Wandering Educators did an interview with me about my journey and the amazing experiences I had while traveling around. I loved this article, so check it out here:

In addition to Wandering Educators, I received this text from one of my good friends. Getting texts like these really make my journey even more important and push me to continue working non-stop:


Lastly, in regards to Electronic Music, I recently heard in an interview that “EDM Is Dead.” I completely disagree with that statement, and I recorded this video explaining why EDM isn’t dead and where it’s ultimately going.

December 22, 2014

What’s The Plan Now?

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I’ve been extremely non-stop with the post production of the album, in addition to getting used to being back home and not traveling. I haven’t been posting on this blog as much as I used to, mainly because I’ve been so busy producing and getting everything into place.

A lot of people have asked me, now that it’s been a month since I got back, what it’s like. To be honest, it’s definitely bittersweet. I’m really excited to be back, to see friends and family, and to be able to produce music without someone talking next to me in a Starbucks. On the flip side, it’s obviously less hectic as it was for the past 10 months, which is bittersweet like anything else.

I actually never mentioned this before out loud, but if you want to follow me on Social Media (where I’m constantly posting updates), here’s all my links:







As of a few hours ago, I finished up the 2nd round of the rough drafts of my track for the album. It’s pretty crazy to see now every song in it’s final state – now it’s more about fine tuning everything. I really can’t wait to release the album, but I still have a lot of work to do because I want everything to sound exactly as I picture it.

Here’s a mini preview of the Chicago song (I uploaded this to Instagram):

Lastly, I recently went to the doctors for a regular check-up. While I was there I was talking to my doctor about DJing, and here’s how the conversation went:

Doctor's Philosophy

December 10, 2014

The Light Nearby Awards

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This post has been moved to my new blog here:

December 5, 2014

Reddit AMA Tomorrow!

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this, so I decided to schedule a Reddit AMA tomorrow from 1-8pm EST. In case you don’t know what this is, Reddit is a social networking site similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. The good part about Reddit is that it’s not as personal as the other social networks (like how on Facebook you can see everything about a person). Reddit is a community that discusses various topics, or subreddits – and trust me when I say there’s a subreddit for EVERY field you can think of.

Because of the nature of Reddit, AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) are extremely popular – numerous famous people have done them because it’s a great way to connect with people without getting too personal. I decided to do an AMA because I’ve gotten numerous question about my adventure, and now that it’s over, I’ve been getting even more questions. If you want to ask me anything, or even just see what other people are asking and my responses, here’s how to join.


1. Here’s the link to the Reddit AMA Page:

2. Make a Reddit account if you haven’t yet. Yes, I know making accounts can be frustrating, but there is NO work to do after you make an account. Reddit isn’t like Facebook or Twitter where you have to make a profile – the biggest thing you have to do is think of a username.

3. Ask away! It’s really that simple – the layout of Reddit is extremely user-friendly and allows you to interact with not only me but everyone else on the forum.

December 3, 2014

Light Nearby Music Mixes

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This post has been moved to my new blog here:

November 30, 2014

…What Now?

Soooo…what now?? Considering I’ve gotten this question numerous times already, I figured to answer it first and foremost. Right now I’m working on the post production of the album, as all the rough drafts are completely finished. I plan to release the album on March 3rd, which is the exact date I left for Miami and when I officially started traveling (Boston was my first city in February, but I lived in Boston so it wasn’t too much of a change). For the time being, I’m living in Boston, but who knows where I’ll be after I release the album and go from there.

Also, I will be posting on this blog until I finish the album. After the album is released I will switch over to, and all my adventures/journeys will be posted there. This site will still exist, but more of an archive.

The last part of this post has been moved to my new blog here:

November 27, 2014

Happy Bucksgiving & The Tour is Officially Over!

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It has been an amazing journey, traveling around the country for 10 months, and it’s incredible to say that it is now officially over. I originally wanted to end the tour on Thanksgiving (aka Bucksgiving) and the timing worked out perfectly. I plan to do a lot more posts re-capping my experience, as I’ve received numerous questions from people about what I did and how it went.

As of this point, the album release date is March 3rd. There is a lot of work I need to do before that, but it works out perfectly because March 3rd is the exact day I left to head to Miami (the start of me traveling around touring out of the Buckmobile).


There were NUMEROUS people who helped me along my journey, so considering it’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to thank every single person who helped me while I was traveling around. The tour definitely wouldn’t have been possible with out these people! This list isn’t in any particular order – if anything, it’s ordered more in terms of the people that I met while traveling around. Thank you so much you guys!

Brittany Paquette, Richard Freccero, Judi Freccero, Luke Freccero, Eileen Lavallee, Jacqueline Lavallee,  Jason Angelini,  Nancy Angelini, Joe Angelini, Debra Slaney, Alex Slaney, Lotti Dotti, Lenny Lavallee, Theresa Lavallee, Danielle Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Brian Lavallee, Linda Paquette, Ben Black, Kamila Karnas, Alex Tougias, Jim Caruso, Andrew Avocado, Amy Daniels, Michael Devine, Brig Dauber, Ancelis Nunez, Chris Angelini, Jenna Axelrod, Bob Lowry, Cathy Lowry, Aurelien Terral, Jordan Manchester, Li-Dor David, Geoff Daigle, Derek Sawaya, Danielle Graziano, Jessalyn Chandonnet, Trishna Sakhrani, Max Terban, John Carando, Peter Stevens, Conor Driscoll, Jason Vance, Anthony Franco, Lauren Litscher, Paula Zatko, Bryan Packy, Cassie Cerasuolo, Tori Hall, Tom Young, Nick Rabideau, Andrew Mack, Kate Elizabeth, Evan Lavoie, Kate Herrington, Cait Shore, Jordan Peck, Buckany, Jack Prager, Winnie Phung, Stephanie Ravalese, Nate Tetreault, Mike Becker, Eneida Sermeño, Violet Dawn, Rachel McCandlish, Wesley San, Arayana Seiple-Welch, Rachel Due, Sid Radhakrishna, Dylan Bennett, Travis Swain, Scott Maxson, Jayme Giancola, Seth Petsching, Jaime Rosenberg, Pat Gildea, Devon Bell, Bre McMeekin, Ted Anoje, Jackie Brayman, Anna Carando, Grace Carando, Boss Carando, Adam McCauley,Zach Angelini, Leah Angelini, Martin Greenberg, Jesse James, Natasha Jones-Sikes, Daniel Gomez, Emily Berge, Justin Loranger, Jill Stephen, Paige Leoni, Aline Sanchez, Savannah Sargent, Gunner Siverly, Juan Salazar, Kristen Brown, Julia McGrath, Thomas Lorello, Gabriel Azua, Taylor Ivie, Aubrie Reynolds, Jasmine Chen, Katy Wood, Matthew Willis, Melissa Kaplan, Sonny Moore, Karli Loudon, Danyel DeGroot, Eric Thomas, Corey Krogman, Madeline Wahl, Ryan Ford, Erica Madrid, Rachel Warnell, Satchel Spencer, Brandon Halp, Sarita Darlington Winey, Justache Sikkema, Sabrina Vere-Nicoll, Kevin Tringali, Kevin King, Russ Dooling, Avi Gallant, Ami Stair, Daniela Galasso, Jen Guevara, Sage King, Nancy Dellamaria, Chloe King, Anthony Dellamaria, Jula Sagan, Jenna Montgomery, Brittany Leonard, Christina Sanchez, Grant Griz, John McCarten, Hailey Thompson, Ashley Varghese, Alex Grohmann, Rain Phutureprimitive, Caeli La, Shavongh Evans, Coriana Mossburg, Matthew Piskorz, Kathryn Ayers, Paul Levine, Vladimir Kulishevskiy, Nick Hendrick, Chris Luna and Andre’a DeLyria.