October 28, 2014

The Gum Tree, Red Beer, Bacon & Wrestling

It’s my last week in Ohio before I head to Florida. I got booked for a festival called Suwannee Hulaween and they gave me the last timeslot on Saturday night! Here’s the full line-up – in addition, The Untz put me as a favorite act to see: http://www.theuntz.com/news/suwannee-hulaween-2014-reveals-its-schedule/.


It’s going to be an incredible festival, I absolutely can’t wait. If you’re going, I’m playing from 3:15-4:00am on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning).

This past week I happened to see a lot of random things. First off, at a grocery store, I saw “Boston Lettuce.” I still have no idea what Boston Lettuce is supposed to be but it was weird to see it as a specific type of vegetable. Next, I was at a bar called Tim’s this past Friday and they had red beer. It tasted like normal beer but I don’t know why they dyed it Red – nonetheless it was still weird to drink. Lastly, I bought Bacon Flavored Cream Cheese – which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t as good as I thought it would taste.

I visited one of my friends last week and at their college they had a Gum Tree. I guess it was a tradition to take your old gum and put it on the tree – I’ve definitely never seen this before haha:


This past Saturday I went to an event called Boo’N Brew, located in the Oregon District in Dayton (it’s originally called Haunt Fest but apparently everyone calls it Boo’N Brew). They block off the entire district and you have to pay to get in (I’ve never had to pay to get onto a regular street before) and there’s ton of events & people in costumes. I was Flask Tie Guy, which went pretty well.


In addition they set up a random wrestling ring and had matches going on – another first (I’ve never seen a wrestling ring in the middle of a street):

Tomorrow morning I leave for Hulaween and then it’s my last city, New York!

October 25, 2014

25 Awesome Things About Getting Older

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I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now. I can not tell you how many articles I’ve read that talk about the “good old days” and how being younger was amazing. Don’t get me wrong – reading certain articles with flashbacks from the 90s are funny, but too many times I’ve seen people morning about missing their childhood. The truth is that the best days of your life are ahead of you, not behind you. As a result, I decided to make this list of 25 awesome things about getting older.

1. You can go anywhere in the world

This is awesome. Think about it – right now, if you really wanted to, you could buy a plane ticket and travel to any country. It’s not that people can’t go anywhere, they just choose not to. One of my favorite quotes, by Harun Yahya, is “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.” When you were younger this wasn’t possible, but now it is.

2. You can learn anything

…and I mean anything. With the internet and technology being so fast, it’s easy to learn any topic, language, skill, etc, for free. Especially with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) becoming increasingly popular it’s getting even easier to gain expertise and knowledge in any field.

3. You can buy alcohol

Maybe a little bit taboo, but I’ll mention it. You can get into any bar, club, liquor store, etc, and purchase anything you want. Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine or vodka for raging with Flask Tie, the possibilities are endless.

4. Making a website is easy

I personally know a lot about computer programming, but in the past, if you didn’t, making a website was impossible. With technology evolving it’s so easy for anyone to make a website in minutes. You don’t have to know HTML, Java, or any computing knowledge for the most part. Sites like Host Gator make it extremely easy to create any site in less than an hour. Note: If you use the coupon code MarcFreccero you’ll get 25% off anything at HostGator!

5. Every song is instantly accessible

Before you had to either hope that the song came on the radio or download it illegally through Napster or Limewire. Now you can quickly download any song in seconds with iTunes or listen to any song via YouTube or Soundcloud. And, to make it even better, there are numerous phone apps where you can listen to the songs on the go.

6. Thousands of songs on one device

I recently saw this video where they asked children if they knew what a cassette was (check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk_vV-JRZ6E). And I’m not going to lie – this video frustrated me. They praised any kid who knew what a cassette was or any time they said they’d rather use a cassette than an iPod. From my perspective, why should they know what a cassette is? The beauty of technology right now is being able to have thousands of songs on one device, as oppose to having tons of CDs or cassettes. The only expectation to this is records, because that’s the purest form of a re-created song.

7. It’s even easier to start your own business

Similar to what I said before about starting your own website, it’s extremely easy now to start your own business. Create a domain and host it through Host Gator, create and outsource a product, build a web store and boom – you’re all set. Obviously this process is easier said than done but it’s not as a hard as it used to be.

8. You can talk on the phone and be on the internet

Before this wasn’t possible (remember that epic Dial-Up Sound?). Now you can easily talk on the phone and be on the internet without ending your session.

9. Gay Marriage is becoming legal in more places

I’m not gay but I’m extremely happy about this. I’m a huge supporter of equality and this is another step in the right direction to having equal rights for everyone.

10. Anyone can make music

Before this wasn’t the case but now anyone can download a program, buy a keyboard (technically you don’t even need one), start making music and upload it. This allows anyone, even if they’re not financially stable, to work their ass off and make a name for themselves.

11. GPS

This is pretty much self-explanatory, but traveling around is so much easier with a GPS. Even better is apps, like Google Maps, can show you routes to avoid tolls – here’s how!

12. Same Shoes

Rather than having to buy shoes every few months because your feet are growing you now can just buy one pair that will last you a while.

13. Parkour is more popular

Okay, maybe I’m biased (heavily biased) on this one, but I love how popular Parkour as gotten. Even though it’s probably the most made fun of physical activity I’m still excited about how many more gyms are popping up all around the country/world.

14. Soylent Exists

Soylent is the powered food that I’ve been living off of as I travel around. Before food would have been extremely difficult/expensive, but now with the invention of Soylent, getting all the nutrients you need is a lot easier. Check out this article I wrote on Soylent if you want to read more about it: http://marcfreccero.hubpages.com/hub/Soylent-Review.

15. Anyone can be an author

Self-Publishing is becoming increasingly more popular with the boom of E-Books. Anyone can now write their own E-Book, throw it on Amazon, and make money off it. Years ago this wasn’t possible because of the limits with physical publishing, but now the possibilities are endless.

16. Medical Marijuana becoming legal in more areas

This is a very taboo topic but it’s important to mention. Marijuana, and various strands of it, has numerous medical benefits that can’t be replicated by other drugs (and the other drugs usually have negative side effects). This is not opinion, but scientific fact. Regardless of peoples’ views on it I’m happy that the medical benefits are being utilized.

17. Direct Deposit

love Direct Deposit – especially with me traveling around, I can work at various places (and online) and have the money wired directly into my account.

18. You can feel nostalgic without being sad

I actually stole this one from a list I saw online because of how truthful it was. Unlike before, it’s now possible to feel nostalgic about past memories without being sad.

19. Electronic Music getting bigger

I’ve already mentioned music a couple times but this is probably my favorite one about how times have evolved. Electronic Music is now becoming mainstream and blowing up all over the world. In addition, Electronic Music producers are being more respected – unlike before where people didn’t even regard it as “real” music.

20. Dating is easier

This may depend upon the person but I’ve found the whole dating game to be a lot simpler. Rather than when you were younger, when people would play all different games, people now don’t waste their time with games and are straight forward about how they feel.

21. You can eat what you want, when you want, how you want

You’re not forced anymore to eat what’s on the table or in the cafeteria. Don’t get me wrong – nothing is better than a home cooked meal, but now if you want to buy a pizza at 3am, knock yourself out.

22. You don’t care about negative opinions

I’ve never really cared what people think about me but as I’ve gotten older I could care even less than before. Most people start realizing that negative opinions are usually from just single-minded people that are a waste of your time.

23. No more final exams

I loved college but final exams suck. Yes, there are future exams like the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, CPA, CFA, and N-CLEX, but those are a one-time thing as oppose to numerous exams at the same time.

24. You have more money

…and you can spend it however you want. In addition there are tons of more ways to make money than there used to be, and I talk about all of them on my site Buck Living. This gives you a greater freedom to do what you want and get things you’ve always wanted.

25. You can DJ across the country

I had to include this as the last one. The main reason why I put this as #25 (and why this list is 25 topics long) is because 25 is my lucky number. I’m absolutely loving my life right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I’ve been traveling around the country I’ve met numerous millionaires, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who are all living out their dream and working their ass off every moment.

This is going to be harsh, but your future is completely up to you. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard complain about how college was the best years of their life and how they don’t know what to do with their life. These people say “it’s easy for you Marc because you know what you want to do. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, which is why I’m not working hard for anything because I haven’t found something to work for.”

The truth is you have to take responsibility – not only for your life, but where your life is going. People act like I had some divine moment where I knew I wanted to be a DJ. Nothing like that happened – I didn’t wait for a divine moment, I created my divine moment. I worked hard to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and combined everything I love into one field/idea, hence The Light Nearby Project.

Your life will only get more and more amazing – as long as you want it to.


October 23, 2014

Make Money Writing

This is one of the best ways I know to Make Money Online – writing articles. The best part about writing is that you make passive income – meaning after you write the article you’ll still make money from it while doing no work. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a little bit to get a steady flow of cash, but once you do, you’ll be surprised how much it will add up.

The best site to make money writing is HubpagesHubpages is a site where you make money for posting articles. The best part about it is you don’t need to know HTML, web page design or anything technical. In addition you can make an account for free and you don’t even have to spend money on hosting or having a domain. You literally can’t go wrong because it’s free to join and have an account. If you want to join, check it out here: www.HubPages.com.


Like anything, there are different techniques to making money with Hubpages. If you’re interested, check out my Hubpages account here to see my layout/method: http://marcfreccero.hubpages.com/. You mainly make money from two different sources: Ads and Affiliates. Ads are pretty self-explanatory, and affiliates are where you get paid when someone buys a product you recommend. In addition, it’s free to join the ad and affiliate programs, making it even more cost effective and putting more money in your pocket.

The best technique for making the most money on Hubpages is writing about something people are searching. The quickest way to do this is something called Keyword Analysis, which is a technique of searching for keywords (or phrases) that people are searching for. Your goal is to find something that is being searched a lot and has low competition (you don’t want too sites talking about the same thing you want to write about). The best tool for this is a site called Jaaxy. You can join Jaaxy for free and it’s a powerful tool that really helps you narrow down the best keywords. I also have a technique video I made on using Jaaxy that you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_zkgKo1V-Q.

My strategy is to pick topics that I love writing about. Things like Parkour, DJing, Music, Entrepreneurship, Motivation/Inspiration, Psychology, and more, are all topics I love. So I’ll go on Jaaxy and figure out the best area of Psychology, for example, to write about. I’ll only start writing if it’s something that I’m knowledgeable on and I enjoy writing about.

When writing it’s important to give valuable information – yes you can make money from writing but it’s extremely easy to tell when someone is just talking about nothing, expecting to make money off it. I would personally shoot for 750-1000 words in your article and include relevant pictures/videos (it improves readability and makes you more money). In addition, include relevant products that are connected with what you’re talking about. The key here is to be honest (don’t recommend a bad product) and relevant – posting a music keyboard when talking about Parkour makes no sense.

After you’re done checking it over, submit it and then let the rewards come in. Don’t expect to get rich overnight, because this is compounding process, but the more you write the more you’ll make. The best part is seeing that some of the posts you wrote months ago are still making you money – that’s the beauty of passive income.

As I said before, you can join Hubpages for free, so it doesn’t hurt. Personally, I love the fact of passive income (making money even after you stopped working) and the fact that I can make money anywhere in the world (as long as I have a computer). Here’s the link to join: www.HubPages.com. And if you want to check out my personal account, here’s that link: http://marcfreccero.hubpages.com/.

Lastly, I made a YouTube video of me explaining more of the techniques to make money with Hubpages. I also go over the layout and explain how everything works more in-depth. If you’re looking to speed up the process (and make money quicker) then this video should definitely help you out!

October 20, 2014

Nothing Like Free Samples at Ace Hardware

Most of my time recently has been spent producing as I’ve really been working on some of the post production for the album and previous songs. The Columbus song is coming out pretty good and is a mix of trap & hip-hop with some chill instrumentals. I posted this brief Instagram video before I performed this past Friday – it’s a rough draft of the song I’m writing for Columbus.


Testing out the song I wrote for Columbus – gonna play it at the show tonight! #Columbus #Ohio #dayton #rage #trap #hiphop #rap #bass #freccero #produce #music #lnp #lightnearbyproject #livingthedream #stubbies #bar #club #college #party #buck

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Later that night I performed at a place called Stubbies and it was one of the best sets I’ve done in a while. The crowd was extremely into it and I was literally non-stop mixing & raging for 4 hours straight, which led me to be pretty exhausted after my set!

Also during my set I dropped Dillon Francis’s remix of Some Chords by Deadmau5. It’s one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard (the production is mind blowing) so I wanted to post it. Absolutely incredible:

Earlier that week my friends and I were driving around and one of them had to pick up something at ACE Hardware. I made joke that they might have free samples and it turned out that they had a popcorn machine where anyone could take some for free. It was actually wicked good popcorn too!


Next, I don’t know if you’ve seen these videos, but people have been photoshopping short clips of the wrestler Randy Orton RKO’ing people. These videos are hilarious so I wanted to post this YouTube video of a complication of all the clips:

Lastly, I’ve posted numerous bodywight workout videos on both YouTube and this blog (check them out here: Bodyweight Workouts). I get asked a lot if I use any equipment when working out (especially when traveling around) so I wanted to make this post on my blog Buck Living for fitness equipment you can use anywhere: http://www.buckliving.com/home-fitness-equipment/.

October 15, 2014

Flask Tie Challenge, Success and Motivation

This past weekend I ended up going to a wedding that was absolutely crazy. It was held at the Groom’s house, and his dad makes millions of dollars from owning an engineering firm. While I was there I wore the Flask Tie that I’ve talked about before. I decided to make this video, The Flask Tie Challenge, to showcase exactly how the tie works (especially in person):

While I was at the wedding I happened to talk to the Groom’s dad and asked him about how he became successful. He had some extremely positive things to say about what he did to become successful and told me numerous stories about his journey. The biggest suggestions I received from him were: 1. Work really, really hard 2. Love what you do 3. Be patient because sometimes when it seems like things are bad, good opportunities are right around the corner. It’s always amazing to hear what successful people say about their journey and what made them what they are today.

I get asked numerous times how I make money while traveling around and while I post a lot on my site Buck Living I still like to include what I do here. I have been making money off the site called Slice The Pie where you review songs and get paid for it! You don’t even need music experience and you can do it at anytime, so it’s a great way for some side income. There are a lot of different techniques to make even more money with Slice The Pie, so here’s an instructional video I made to make some good money with it. You can join for free here: Slice The Pie (It’s completely free to join and make money, so you can’t go wrong!).

After this past weekend I ended up going to a hockey game last night with friends (Columbus vs. Dallas). I’m not a huge hockey fan but I love watching it and the games are always extremely entertaining. Besides everything else going on I’ve finally figured out the direction of the Columbus song, which is going to be an interesting combination of Chill & Upbeat Hip-Hop/Trap. The song is coming out awesome and after this one is done I’m only going to have one more song to complete!

Lastly, I found this recently and honestly thought it was one of the most accurate statements about motivation. I edited out the first part of it because of the language, but this could not be more truthful about motivation and success.



October 13, 2014

Phutureprimitive in Columbus

Columbus has been turning out to be one of the most event-filled places I’ve been to yet on the tour. One of those amazing events was Phutureprimitive, a big musical idol of mine. Rain, aka Phutureprimitive, is an unbelievably talented producer who put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  I’ve known Rain since last year when I met him in Boston and he’s an extremely nice guy who sincerely cares about his music and fans. His album, Kinetik, was listed as one of my Top 14 EDM Albums (check it out here: http://www.lightnearby.com/my-top-14-edm-albums/).

His show in Columbus was the start of his tour Searching for Beauty. He debuted with his new stage set-up that’s very intricate – not to mention all the visual mapping that comes along with it. One of the coolest parts of his tour is the “Dance Your Demons Out” idea. At his merchandise table he has duck tape & permanent markers, and he asks everyone to put duck tape on the bottom of their shoe and write a fear, worry, negative thought, etc, on it. The idea is that you will literally dance your demons out – by the time the show is done, and you check your shoe, whatever was written is completely gone.


His show was absolutely incredible and you can check out the rest of his tour dates here: http://www.phutureprimitive.com/tour-dates/. Rain is someone you can really tell has intense passion with his performances and breaks the mold that “DJs just push buttons.” Here are a couple videos of him performing:


Rain, aka @phutureprimitive, staring his tour last night with one of the best performances I’ve ever seen #rain #vibes #phutureprimitive #dimension #dance #dj #produce #music #dubstep #life #sub #bass #concert #beauty #search

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And here is his remix of Teardrop by Massive Attack:  



@phutureprimitive with his amazing remix of Teardrop #remix #EDM #electro #Dj #life #love #concert #event #show #music #massiveattack #tour #rain View on Instagram

October 8, 2014

Rubber Bands and Crab Traps

There’s a story about this special type of crab that’s agile and fast enough to get out of any type of trap. Yet these crabs are caught everyday by the thousands thanks to a particular human trait they possess.


The trap is a wire cage with a hole at the top. Bait is placed into the cage and the cage is lowered into the water.

One crab comes along, enters the cage and begins eating the bait. A second crab joins him. Followed by a third and forth. Then the cage is full. Eventually all the bait is gone.

The crabs could easily climb up the sides of the cage and through the hole but they do not. They stay in the cage.

Others crabs come along and join them long after the bait is gone.

Should one of these crabs realize there is no further reason to stay in the trap and attempts to leave, the other crabs will gang up on it and stop it.

They will repeatedly pull him off of the side of the cage. If he persists, the other crabs will tear off his claws to keep him from climbing. If he persists still, they will kill him. 

The crabs, by force of majority, stay together in the cage. The cage is hauled up and lunch is served.

The chief difference between crabs and humans is that crabs live in WATER and humans on LAND.

Anyone who has a dream, one that might get them out of what they perceive to be a trap, had best beware of the fellow inhabitants of that trap. 

The humans don’t generally use physical force but they find other ways to bring you down such as innuendoes, doubt, ridicule, mockery, sarcasm, scorn, sneering, belittlement, humiliation, taunting and teasing, and dozens of other tactics the crabs around you will use to pull of your claws and kill your dreams.

Be aware of the crabs around you content with staying in the trap.

You make them look bad. You are a giant exposing mirror to them. Your actions are being reflected back to them. They know they should be doing what you’re doing but they’re afraid.

It’s easier for them to make fun of you, trying to convince you that what you’re doing is dumb in hopes that you will give up and come back to the trap so they no longer have to look at you and feel bad about themselves.

Love them anyways, but don’t let them drag you back into the pack of mediocrity.

One technique to not fall in that trap is the Rubber Band Challenge. Coined by Tim Ferriss, author of Four Hour Work Week, the idea is to wear a rubber band around your wrist for 30 days. Anytime you think of a negative thought you have to snap the rubber band – this trains you to think positively and shift where you focus your mental attention. After doing it I permanently have a rubber band on my wrist now to really train me to think even more positively than before.

I did a video describing the Rubber Band Challenge more in-depth, check it out here:

October 5, 2014

Weird McDonalds Door and Stickers

I definitely didn’t expect to see this last night. For those of you who didn’t know, yesterday was national vodka day so it was crucial to celebrate accordingly. I went to a bar last night with friends and the bar door was a McDonalds door – no idea why but it was the last thing I expected to see:


Before that this week was extremely hectic as it was a non-stop production week. The first 5 songs I produced were in Maschine while traveling around and starting in San Francisco I switched completely to Ableton. Now that the end of the tour is near I’ve started working on the post production for some of the previous songs – and the first step to doing that is literally re-writing every song from Maschine to Ableton. It’s the most time consuming and tedious task but it’s going to make my songs that much better.

During the week I visited one of my friends and at their college they had Boxed Water. I’ve never seen that before but apparently it’s supposed to help the environment so that’s a good thing. I also got to try Chick fil A, which was incredible:


In addition, this past Wednesday I DJ’ed at a bar called Stubbies. I’m DJ’ing there again on October 17th for the full night but this past Wednesday I was just doing a couple sets as part of an open mic.


Recently I stayed at a house via Airbnb with a friend before I got to Ohio. The place that I stayed at had tons of people come in the past as it was a good place to crash while traveling around – it wasn’t the type of place you would stay for a few days. While I was there they had a journal where you could read everyone’s story about who they are and where they traveled. I decided to put my own journal entry in it but make it short & sweet:


Lastly, a big part of what I’ve been doing is marketing myself while traveling around. One of the cheapest – and best – marketing tools that I discovered was the Dymo LabelWriter. It’s originally made for creating labels for envelopes but you can use it to make stickers extremely quickly and cheaply. The best part is that the Dymo LabelWriter uses NO ink – it’s all thermal imaging, so all you have to buy is the labels (which are very cheap). I can make labels on the fly to promote, flyer, handout, etc, whatever my use is. Here is my video explaining my technique with the LabelWriter and how easy it is:

October 2, 2014

How to Make Videos

I was surprised to learn that a lot of people I spoke with didn’t know how to make videos. Whether it’s doing a vlog, tutorial, funny video, extreme video, etc, making videos isn’t as hard as most people think. Don’t get me wrong – people spend their entire life to make high quality videos and it takes years to get to an expert level. But for simple videos – like the ones I make – it really isn’t that difficult. Here are the steps and items I use to make my videos:

1. Camera

This goes without saying obviously but having a good camera makes your videos tremendously better. If you have an iPhone or another type of smartphone you should have a decent camera already built in – just make sure to film in landscape rather than portrait (make sure it’s filming when in the horizontal position). The main camera I usually film with though is the Flip Camera because it’s extremely simple to use and can hold up to 2 hours of video (that amount of video wouldn’t fit on my iPhone). Flip Cameras got discontinued but there are still a ton on Amazon to buy – if not then Go Pro is an excellent camera.

2. Tripod

A tripod is not completely necessary but it’s a must. Tripods are extremely cheap – the best selling tripod on Amazon is only $20 (check it out here). All a tripod does is keep your camera steady so you can attach it and then start filming. If you need to have the camera moving around constantly (like a skateboarding or parkour video) then a tripod won’t really help you but it’s crucial to have for a still shot. Every tripod comes with an adapter but it won’t attach your iPhone or Smartphone – only a camera with the right hole like the Flip Camera or Go Pro can attach to it. If you want to attach your iPhone or Smartphone then a good piece to get is the Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount, I did a video on it here if you want to see a visual review:

3. Car Adapter

I film numerous videos in my car because it’s a great way to pass time when driving long distances and it allows me to record a video easily when all I’m doing is talking. The attachment I use is the Performance Package Car Mount and it works extremely well – I did a video review of that too:

4. Editing Software

Don’t go out and spend a ton of money on editing software unless you really need it. Programs like Final Cut are extremely expensive and have features that most people won’t use (unless you’re looking to really make high quality videos). Programs such as Windows Movie Maker (for PC) and iMovie (for Mac) are free programs that can do everything you need: Cutting/Splicing, Removing & Adding Audio, Video Effects, Titles/Captions and more.


A book could be written about each one of the items/sections listed above but I’m going to make this ultra simple. The main process is Film Video -> Upload to Computer -> Edit -> Export out of Video Editing Software -> Upload to Internet (or whatever your goal is). The more videos you make the better you will get it at so it doesn’t hurt to try. It’s a lot easier than most people think so give it a shot and see what happens!

September 29, 2014

Fishbowls, Tanks and Powerpoints

It’s been an amazing start to Columbus as so many different things have happened. I’ve been staying in Dayton with my friend and there’s a lot been going on since I got here. The song I’m going to write is going to be a trap/hip-hop track to encapsulate the college environment here and how upbeat the people are. I’m still working on the name of the song and what direction it’s going to take but that’s what I’ve figured out so far.

This past weekend I DJ’ed a frat party at University of Dayton (aka UD) and it was awesome to see the environment compared to other colleges around the country. Here is a picture of me on the UD sign getting ready for the night:


While I was there I got a UD tank top that has the “rules of day drinking.” Here is the shirt and the rules behind it – they’re pretty good haha:


1. Start the day with the National Anthem
2. Sons out Guns out
3. All sleeves will be forcibly removed
4. Fancy Friday/Snazzy Saturday
5. Always sing along to Wagon Wheel
6. Don’t be afraid to be weird
7. Shotguns are always welcome
8. It’s not a party without the stump game
9. Never neglect to invite a passerby to drink
10. Day Drinking it not pregaming – Once the sun goes down the pregaming begins

Also at Dayton they have a bar called The Fieldhouse that gives you a cocktail/mixed drink in a fishbowl, pretty interesting (especially compared to in Portland where they gave me a small sand castle bucket):


On top of everything I’ve been producing a lot and working on the post production of previous songs. It’s amazing to see that the album is actually starting to near the end of production – I still have no idea when it will be finished, but it’s amazing to see that the end is actually in sight.

Lastly, I do all the graphic design of every mix and track (check out my page here: www.soundcloud.com/marcfreccero). I do all my graphic design in Powerpoint and I’ve been asked how I do it. I decided to make this video tutorial – I have a very unorthodox method of graphic design but it works and anyone can do it. Try it out!