September 18, 2014

Sleep Hacking Techniques (Plus a Plant)

I’ve mentioned in the past that if you have any questions for me, reach out and I’ll answer them on video. A big question I’ve gotten is how I changed my sleep cycle when I worked in an Accounting Firm and how I slept in bathrooms. The video below is all about sleeping hacking: How to take naps, improve sleep, function on little sleep, get excited for the morning, and a lot more. If you’re interested in learning more about body hacking as well check out Tim Ferriss’s Book 4-Hour Body. Also, if you haven’t yet (this post was from earlier this year), check out my post on micro napping here:

As anyone who’s been following me this whole time can imagine, I’ve gotten a lot of interesting view points of my tour. I decided to make this Meme because it’s pretty accurate of what different people think of my tour haha


Lastly, one of my friends gave me an aloe plant today for me to travel around with. Although it’s definitely not conventional, I put it in a wine glass and then zip tied & duck taped it to a clench in my front compartment. I named the aloe plant Wave and I’ve never taken care of a plant before (let alone in a car) so we’ll definitely see how this goes…


September 15, 2014

Street Lights, Dubsex and Line Dancing

Chicago is an amazing city that feels like a combination of Boston, New York and Miami. The weather is definitely unlike Miami though as it’s started to get extremely cold and less comfortable. The song that I’ve been making for Chicago is a combination of House and Light Electro as that’s definitely the vibe that I’m feeling here. It’s a very tranquil yet upbeat vibe and the people have been that way too – some of the nicest people I’ve met traveling around. There has been a lotttt going on in the past week.

Most people know that I’ve done Parkour for a while and I seriously started doing it at my old college UMass Amherst. I was one of the captains and Parkour still is one of my biggest passions. My friend from the Parkour Team, Jayme, recently made a video and used my song that I wrote for Boulder, Colorado as the background music. Check it out here:

Next, I recently released the next installment in my Get Buck series. I called it Dubsex as it’s a combination of Dubstep and Chillstep. Listen to it below:

While being here I got featured by a site called EDM America TV. The idea of the site is to showcase all EDM videos, similar to MTV (or the way MTV used to be!). They did a great article on me, located here:

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m huge on saving money in weird ways. That’s why I made my other blog Buck Living. Basically, McDonalds is giving away free coffee from September 16th to 29th. I just thought I would tell everyone as that’s pretty awesome and I’ll definitely go there to get a small coffee every morning.

Jumping back to current events, this past weekend I went out to check out the nightlife. I went out with one of my friends who I met from the GRiZ Family and we ended up going to a country bar that had line dancing. I absolutely messed it up the entire time haha and couldn’t figure it out. If anyone can explain to me the timing of Line Dancing that would be awesome because nothing seemed on time to me.

The next day I volunteered with other people from the GRiZ Family (called The Liberators) at an organization called Feed My Starving Children. They make a formula called Potato-D and is the only food in the world that helps children with digestive issues in third world countries. Here is the video of me and other people helping out:

September 12, 2014

When I First Get Somewhere

This has been one of the biggest questions I’ve gotten while traveling around: What do you do when you first get somewhere? Considering I just got to Chicago last Monday I can describe the process in full – there is a lot going on.

The first thing I initially do is check the crime map. I usually do this before I leave, so I did this in Oklahoma City before I left for Chicago. After checking a couple crime maps, I determined that the North Side of Chicago is the safest. I also consulted with friends who live there or know the area well. Here are the main maps that I looked at:

Those were pretty straight forward and I was able to get a good idea of where to park. After that I left for Chicago and got here Monday night. The next step then was finding the closest snap fitness in the safest area. Snap Fitness is a 24 Gym chain that’s all over the country and I have a pass there. That’s the main place where I workout & shower so it’s absolutely necessary to find. The one that I found that was in a safe area is located on 4504 W Irving Park Road. After finding the Snap Fitness I look for the closest Starbucks where I can go and work – luckily there is one that’s only a 20 second walk from the Snap Fitness at 4365 W Irving Park Road.

Once I have all my necessities met (Showering, Wifi, Electronics Charging & Overnight Parking) then I can finally begin working. When it comes to actually finding parking I use a bunch of techniques – here is a video of the techniques I use to find free parking. I posted this video before but for the sake of this post it’s necessary.

In addition I use a bunch of techniques to sleep in my car without anyone knowing. I posted this video before as well but it’s important if you actually plan to travel and sleep out of your vehicle.

Now that all my needs are met I can begin working. I plan to do a video describing my day in full, but to explain simply, the main schedule I have is working from roughly 8-9am until noon/1pm at Starbucks. Then I will go to the gym and do a workout to get a break in the day and shower. After that I will head back to the Starbucks and work until close. When the Starbucks closes I will either work in my car or head to the Snap Fitness again to work there.

Throughout my day I will also plan to walk around to get a vibe for the city to begin producing the song. I will always wait a couple days until I start producing to fully understand the vibe, sometimes I’ll wait longer though. I like to have a good experience of both the everyday living and also the nightlife, so after a full week I usually have a good perspective of how the song is going to sound.

From then on I will basically just work non-stop and repeat until the next city. Another technique I use is to check any events going on for that month – every city has it’s own unique set of events and that’s a great way to completely understand the culture. Obviously one of the biggest aspects of this tour/project is to fully understand each city and get a feel for what it’s like to live there, and any events going on help give me a greater insight.

September 9, 2014

Mystik Re-Cap

Mystik was absolutely incredible with so many life changing moments. I performed on Saturday, the last day, and it was an amazing feeling to finally see all the work that I put in paying off. One of my friends was able to get this great shot of me while I was DJing:


While I was at Mystik I was raging with all my favorite artists backstage in the VIP area. There is a lot to be said about pursuing what you love and whatnot but it’s a whole different story when you’re in that moment and realizing that you’ve somewhat “made it.” I still have a long way to go but the only way is up at this point. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that all the difficult experiences I’ve been through have finally been worth it and things are starting to click. There’s a lot of big things coming up and I absolutely can’t wait. I unfortunately didn’t record my set at Mystik but here is the closest representation to what I played:

Before I left for Mystik I made a video about the techniques I use to sleep out of my car without anyone knowing (check it out here). I was asked by a friend to make a video about the main places that I park to sleep in my car. Here is a video on the 6 places I park my car and the techniques behind each location – these spots & techniques allow me to park anywhere, in any city.

Lastly, I mentioned a couple times before that I was sponsored by a company called MEElectronics. They make incredible headphones and they are the ones I use to produce and perform live. I realized a special coupon code they gave me before and I guess a lot of people having been using it to save money on their headphones. If you enter MFRECCERO at you’ll receive 15% off everything and FREE shipping. Here is my review of the main headphones I use, the HT-21 model.

September 4, 2014

Portland CD Mix, Ziiiro & Peppod

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I’m officially at Mystik Sanctuary right now and it’s going to be incredible – I absolutely can’t wait. On the way from Austin to Oklahoma City I jammed out to my Portland CD Mix, a collection of songs that I listened to and got influenced by while I was in Portland. Here is the list:

Song Artist Link
Ease My Mind Skrillex with Niki & The Dove Amazon
Anthem For The Underdog 12 Stones Amazon
Nowhere VIP Royal Blood Amazon
Diamond Eyes Shinedown Amazon
Square Dance Skilful Gorilla Soundcloud
Universe Xilent feat. Shaz Sparks Amazon
Someday Flipsyde Amazon
The Glitchkast Stylust Beats Soundcloud
Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix) Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto Amazon
Still JJ YouTube
Tonight The Noisy Freaks Amazon
BADBOI Pegboard Nerds Soundcloud
ID^2 Freccero Soundcloud
How You Love Me (Panda Remix) 3LAU feat. Bright Lights Soundcloud
Choose Me I Xilent Amazon
In The End Linkin Park Amazon
Serenata Immortale Immediate Music Amazon
If You Only Knew Shinedown Amazon

While traveling around I’ve been asked a ton of questions about my Ziiiro Celeste Watch. When I originally looked for watches I wanted something that was extremely creative but professional looking. Most “creative” watches I found on Amazon were very toy-ish and not appealing – until I found Ziiiro Watches. Here is the full review of my Ziiiro Celeste Watch:

Lastly, I recently got sponsored by an amazing product called Peppod. Peppod is a tablet that you drop into water that contains numerous vitamins and electrolytes to replenish what is lost from day-to-day activities. It gives you a smooth boost of energy without containing all these weird chemicals and it’s perfect for mixing with alcohol because it replenishes everything that’s lost from drinking. Check out their site here:

August 31, 2014

Road to Mystik

It’s been an incredible journey on the way to Mystik Festival. On the way to Colorado I got stuck behind some stupid truck that had corn kernels flying out of the bed and hitting all the cars behind it. Later that night (after I arrived) I happened to try Pole Dancing for the first time and it actually was a lot harder than I imagined (trust me). The next day I was part of a Parkour Demonstration group to help promote APEX Movement at a venue called The Spot. After doing Parkour it rained and I saw the most beautiful & vivid double rainbow I’ve ever seen.


After the double rainbow I went back to APEX Movement and one of my friends there interviewed me for a Parkour Documentary and asked me how Parkour changed my life – I’ll be posting that video at some point once it’s done. Before I left I got sponsored by a company called OptiMind that makes a Nootropical Stack (read: Cognitive Enhancing Vitamin). It’s absolutely amazing and worth checking out – especially because they send you a whole kit rather than just a bottle:

After Colorado I drove to Austin, TX and happened to find my favorite alcohol: Wave Vodka. It’s extremely rare and one the best vodkas in Human history.


That night I went out on 6th Street which has the most bars & clubs on any street in America. It was amazing to visit 6th street again because of how crazy it is. If you haven’t seen this video yet it’s of me walking around and asking people how they would describe 6th street to someone who has never been there (I filmed it back in April).

The next day I got ready for an event called Burnt Soup. Burnt Soup is a regional burning event, which is an event that is similar to Burning Man but on a smaller scale. While getting ready for Burnt Soup I found the biggest Watermelon I’ve ever seen at my favorite grocery store H-E-B.


Burnt Soup changed my life this past weekend and while I can’t really say too much it was my first burn and was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I definitely plan to find more regional burns around the New England area when I get back and maybe even go all out & do Burning Man next year. I just got back from it today and tomorrow I’m heading back to Snap Fitness in Leander to visit my friend who owns that gym. After being there for a couple days I’ll head to OKC for Mystik!

August 27, 2014

Portland Re-Cap

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I had an amazing time in Portland, it was definitely one of the most unique cities I’ve been to. The song for Portland I decided to call Dream because of the incredible combination of nature with city life. The song is a psychedelic/new age/soundscape type track to reflect the ambience and culture in Portland. This past weekend I went out with friends and went to a famous place called Voodoo Donuts that had a maple bacon donut.


It was a perfect way to finish off Portland (especially with the donut) and the next couple months are going to be insanely hectic. I left Portland to first head to Apex Movement in Boulder, CO because I have to past through here on the way to Austin, TX. I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow and then I’ll get there on Friday to see friends and go to the festival Burnt Soup. I’ll be in Austin until Tuesday next week and then I’ll be heading to Oklahoma City to prepare for Mystik Festival. After Mystik Festival I then head to Chicago which will be my next city on the journey.

Also, I’ve mentioned Flask Tie a couple times before because they became a sponsor of my tour and it’s amazing product. On my other blog, Buck Living, I made a post about 6 creative flasks – check it out: Tie is at the top of that list and I did a video review of how it works and how effective it is.

While driving everywhere (roughly 60 hours total) I make videos as well with me discussing certain topics. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer or talk about (how I do something, my view on a certain topic, etc) feel free to reach out at or tweet at me @MarcFreccero. I’ve been getting suggestions from different people but if you have any idea/topic on your mind feel free to reach out!

August 24, 2014

Street DJing

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I’ve Street DJ’ed numerous times and it’s an extremely fun way to make some side income while practicing in front of people & getting your name out there. I’ve seen videos/pictures of people bringing huge generators around with a full set-up but because of my limited space I don’t have room – not to mention that’s a hassle regardless. Here are items I use to Street DJ – with each item I explain why I use it. The best part about this set-up is that the only battery powered devices are your laptop and portable speaker. Feel free to experiment to make you own set up!

1. MacBook Pro

Having a computer is absolutely necessary for Street DJing to have all your music right there. Whether you use a MacBook Proor a Windows PC, just make sure you have a good battery life.

2. Computer Backpack

Any backpack will work but I usually try to find one specialized in holding a computer just to make sure everything is padded and safe.

3. Kontrol X1 MK2

The X1 MK2 is the small board I use to do all my mixing. I created a YouTube video tutorial with a free download for my mixer mapping – the exact mapping I use to DJ anywhere. Check the video out here. If you have the X1 MK1 that works too, you’ll just have to map it as a mixer. Another great MIDI controller is the Xone K2 – it is completely mappable for using 4 decks and is roughly the size of the X1 MK2. The best part about all the controllers I mentioned is that they all are powered via USB from your computer (hence why I said to make sure you have a good battery life!).

4. Cube Street

Man I love the Cube Street. It can last up to 15 HOURS on 6 AA batteries (make sure you buy rechargeable ones – see below). Not only that but it is LOUD and extremely light. It’s really surprising how powerful this thing is for being so small – usually on a street I just have to turn it up a third of the way and the volume is loud enough. You can use any portable speaker obviously but I haven’t seen anything that compares to the Cube Street.

5. 1/8″ to 1/4″ Cable

This is just so I can hook up my computer to the Cube Street. If you have a different portable speaker or audio set-up this may not be necessary but if you want to use the 1/4″ input on a speaker you need this cable.

6. Rechargeable Batteries

These are not absolutely necessary but they’ll save you a ton of money in the long run. I personally have 8 AA rechargeable batteries that I use numerous devices and I’ve had them for a year now with no problems.

August 21, 2014

Car Sleeping Techniques

I get asked a lot how I sleep in my car and not get into trouble so I decided to make a video on it. Below the video are some of the products I mentioned and a couple more I didn’t mention that will help you sleep in your car without difficulty.

Front & Back Window Shade: Amazon Link
Side Window Shade: Amazon Link
Car Mattress designed for sleeping in a Sedan (2 or 4 Door Vehicle): Amazon Link
Small Mattress that I use in my car: Amazon Link
Soft Black Blanket: Amazon Link
Memory Foam Pillow: Amazon Link

Also, I want to give a huge shoutout to The Untz for doing this article on me and The Light Nearby Project. Check it out:

And lastly, I mentioned before that my friend Daniela did an awesome job and open mic this past weekend. Here is the complete video of her performance:


August 18, 2014

Handstands in Seattle

This past weekend I traveled to visit friends in Seattle, WA. It’s only 3 hours from Portland so I figured why not go there for a couple days – and I’m really glad I did. On the way there I was jamming out to my live mix – this is how I DJ live and is the closest representation of how I perform at festivals, shows, etc. Check it out!

After I got there we went downtown to the famous Pier that has tons of seafood – not to mention the first Starbucks! Considering I work in Starbucks 99% of the time I figured to take a picture of the first ever store:

1422396_10202518828992040_1611965772569743355_n  10569071_10202518829232046_5111355243845909898_n
We then walked around to different shops and I happened to see one that sold really cool instruments, one of them being the Ocarina from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was pretty cool but I don’t know if I would buy it for $60…


After walking around in the shops we went back and played Cards Against Humanity and it always amazes me how creative the cards are. Definitely not expecting to get this card:


The next day we watched the show Under the Dome which was one of the coolest ideas for a show I’ve ever seen. It was about people living in a community where a dome suddenly appears and no-one can escape. It was a really cool concept and I usually don’t get hooked on TV shows but it was extremely interesting to see how the show evolved. After a bunch of episodes of Under the Dome we then got ready for my friend Daniela to perform at an open mic. She absolutely killed it and I’ll be posting the video later this week of her performance.

Lastly, anyone who has ever done Parkour with me knows how big I am into Handstands. Here is a completely Handstand Tutorial I made if you either 1. Want to Learn a Handstand or 2. Want to Improve your current Handstand.